Styling your twist headband

Styling your twist headband

How to style your twist band! 

Traditionally the twist is worn at the top of your head, middle of your forehead. You can also wear it to one side or the other, or a recent favorite of mine- at the nape of your neck for a wide look in front! It's a great solution for when your bangs aren’t behaving or you want a more boho look. 
Then comes the conundrum.. Do I wear a print or solid? Well, if you ask me the answer depends on your outfit as well as plans for the day. If you’re going somewhere fancy pants like a wedding or photo shoot a solid color is without a doubt the way to go. It puts the focus on what's likely to be an extravagant outfit, or dolled up face and not on your hair piece. 
If your plans for the day are more casual, say errands or camping- a print is just fine depending on your outfit! The other day I wore a tan tank top and ripped jeans shorts, so I wore my tan leopard print headband for some spark and to give the eyes something fun to focus on. However if my outfit was more intricate with a pattern of its own I could go either print or solid depending on the pattern of the outfit. 
Let's look at some dresses as examples for my more visual learners: 
A yellow sundress with a light blue jean jacket over it and a bright and playful sunflower print headband laid across it.

- This dress is a solid color. This dress and jean jacket could be casual everyday wear or to a wedding. If casual, I'd suggest a print that compliments it such as our sunflower one shown. If you have fancy-pants plans a white distressed or rib knit would compliment it well and add some texture. I would not add a solid yellow as it would be too much and take away from the simplicity.
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a busy dress pattern with mint and coral and pink stripes, with a mint distressed (ripped) headband over -This dress is busy. It has an intricate pattern with more then 3 colors/shades. It's unlikely you have a headband that is an exact match of the dress and even so it would look very cluttered if you attempted to double up on pieces with prints on them. A mint distressed headband like the one shown or even a coral would compliment it well. For this particular dress I'd be weary of a pink because that would come across very bold. 
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The gist? If your outfit is intricate or your plans for the day are fancy, the rule of thumb is stick to a solid color. If your outfit is more casual and your plans laid-back, go crazy with a complimentary print!
I’d love to know if you found this advice helpful, and if you have
any other styling questions leave them in the comments below. 
Thanks for reading & happy accessorizing!
The Barefooted Bobbin

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