Must haves for the scrunchie sewer.

Must haves for the scrunchie sewer.

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Wether for fun or for business, if you plan to sew scrunchies these items will make it 10x easier and more fun! 

#1: My holy grail: A bodkin. Specifically this one. At under $6.00 usually (Amazon prices fluctuate) it's a STEAL. I bought two so my husband can help when I'm backed up on orders. They are flexible so when I am making toddler sized scrunchies I don't have to worry about it losing it's shape. Before I found this I was using a safety pin which was much shorter, (so it took longer to get through the scrunchie tube) not flexible, and would often come undone sticking me. OUCH! Having this Clover Bodkin saves me! 

#2: This around the neck light. They advertise it as a light for reading, but I use it for so much more. I use it to read, crochet dark yarn, and for cutting the thread ends off my scrunchies- which as you know is a scary task! So many times I've accidentally nicked the fabric and then can't use the scrunchie anymore and wasted time and money. With this light I can see properly and cut more efficiently. It's also AMAZING for working with black fabric and black thread. IYKYK. 

PROS: It's rechargeable, dimmable, flexible and the battery lasts a long time. 

CONS: I wish it had more color options. 

#3: These thread snips. Gone are the days of long heavy fabric scissors. these thread snips are angled and easy to use with one hand to make quick work of snipping the ends off. I have this one by Fiskars for five years now and won't ever switch!



There you have it, folks! Some insider secrets on the best tools to make scrunchie making more fun and efficient. I'd love to know if YOU have any must haves that aren't on this list, and your thoughts overall! 


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